Home workout for self-isolation?

During lockdown, we need to find ways of exercising either in limited spaces at home or in the great outdoors whilst observing social distancing and weather permitting. Never have we seen so many runners out on our streets, or flocks of people virtually tuning in to Joe Wick’s morning workout routines.  
We are all trying to find effective cardiovascular circuits to keep our hearts in tip-top condition during quarantine.
Exercising is great for the mind as well as the body, wether you’re doing a heavy routine or just some gentle yoga stretches we have the perfect boxers for you.  Contender, Mustang & Challenger are a superior blend that stretches where you need it to and holds firm when you want it to. The 90% polyester, 10% elastane fabric will never constrict your movements. 
Its time to update your workout clothes! Our outstanding value boxers deliver comfort and performance without breaking the bank! 
– Highly breathable 
– Won’t ride up, machine washable
– Comfort and durability 
– Firm but gentle hold 
– Beautifully tailored
– Anti chafing
– Free Uk Delivery



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